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Super Cutting Compass
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Flex-I file

  • The Canadian manufacturer offers, among other things, unique grinding and finishing tools that are appreciated by model makers worldwide! The Flex-I-File products are ideal for small, detailed models and other projects in plastic, metal or wood.

    Removal of burrs from plastic injection-moulded or metal castings.
  • Smoothes and polishes rough surfaces and seams.
  • Follows irregular or flowing contours.
  • Flex-I-File sanding sheets offer a sensitive handling for the exact guidance of the sanding belts.
  • All available abrasives can be used for wet and dry applications.
  • Easily adapts to indoor and outdoor work. The belts easily pass through small openings.
  • Flex-i-File takes you where other grinding tools fail, such as on edges of fine slits, narrow corners and inner angles.
  • Unlike needle files, Flex-I-File automatically follows assembled curves, contour changes and fillets without leaving scratches or flat spots.

Flex-I-File hobby products are ideal for....

...plastic, metal and wooden parts
..airplane models
..ship models
..military models
..railway models
..model cars & trucks
..architectural models
..miniature figures
..dollhouse miniatures
..and much more

Enjoy your hobby with Flex-I-File products.