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Instruction Quick Filter for Ship Propeller

We have over 950 ship's propellers for model ships in our range. Use our quick filters when searching for the right propeller. You can filter according to the following criteria.

Number of blades:

Depending on the selected filter, ship propellers with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 blades are displayed.

Outer diameter:

We carry propellers from 20 mm Ø to 130 mm Ø.


  • Thread M2, M3, M4, M5
    The specification refers to the thread in the hub of the propeller. This means that in order to mount an M5 propeller, for example, there must be a piece of thread with M5 at the end of the installed ship shaft.
  • Drive-Dog
    This carrier system is mainly used on racing boats and some toy boats. A driver is force-locked to the ship shaft, usually by tightening a grub screw. For this purpose it is good if a flat point is worked into the ship shaft at the contact surface of the grub screw. The driver must fit into the slot of the propeller. It is also important that the bore of the ship's propeller fits the shaft diameter without play. If necessary, this can be adjusted by inserting small pipe sections.
  • 4 mm
    These ship propellers are mounted by tightening a grub screw on shafts with Ø 4 mm without thread.


Ship propellers for model boats are available in plastic and metal. Plastic propellers are usually injection moulded. Ship propellers made of metal are soldered together from hub and blades or are produced by casting.

Direction of rotation:

  • Clockwise rotation
  • Counterclockwise rotation

More about the definition of the direction of rotation of the correct determination of the direction of rotation under the link.

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